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New Arrivals:

Another Satisfied Customer!

Subject: Ye Black Bloomers!

"Dear Lisa,

The bloomers arrived late yesterday afternoon...they are fabulous!! I can't wait to wear these beauties to the Ren Faire...and if you think I love them, you should have heard my fiance' rave about them when I modeled them for him! ;-)

Thanks so very much for such fine work and such rapid delivery! Saving up now for a white pair with black lace, plus other color and material combos I may be able to think of...more goodies for me after the honeymoon. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Thanks again, Lisa!

Best regards,


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Made in the U.S.A.!

stopping by!

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Winter Flannel BLOOMERS R in Fashion !
See Specials!

old-fashioned vintage and Victorian knickers and underwearIf you need assistance please e-mail me:

How many ways can YOU think of to wear your BLOOMERS?

The old Renaissance Cotton & Fleece Bloomers pants are back in style and women and men, young and old, are wearing bloomers as a fashion statement or simply to lounge around in like a pair of pajamas or sweat pants. custom made Victorian bloomers are extremely affordable because we are sensitive to your fashion tastes as well as to your clothes budget.

You will find our low prices for "Standard Bloomers" allows you to obtain a quality sewn pair of Bloomers for the price you would spend for a regular pair of short legged pants at a discount store.

Bloomers, knickers, and pantaletts are a wardrobe staple for those looking for renaissance and medieval clothing and costumes, or women's plus size fashions. On the other hand, some women may find the lighter fabrics to be sheer and sexy and often wear them as lingerie or underwear.

We offer Fleece, Jean material, corduroy, velvet and even Flannel Bloomers to keep you warm this winter ! !

Now Offering period like SPLIT CROTCH BLOOMERS ! !

Gift Certificates are Here

Bloomers become a fun addition to anyone's wardrobe!
Batik Capri Pants
Cotton Casual Wear

Victorian Shoe Embroidery
Embroidery Designs

Fancy for going out. easy and comfortable for housework, hanging out, even sleeping...... Bloomers also make a neat and unusual gift for your loved ones! Students find these are great to study in!

We can custom design men's and boy's underwear, looking like old-fashioned Knickers, hip boxers, and even Punk clothing for the modern lifestyle!

All my items are available for children!

We Do Offer Plus Sizes above 3X ! !
Please contact me for pricing !

All items are handmade by me --because of my love of bloomers!

colorful comfortable bloomers make great pajamas and Capri Pants!Every seam is Professionally Serged with a 2 needle, 4 thread SERGER ! ! and I double serge the areas where extra security might be needed.

I want every person to be satisfied and happy with each pair of bloomers and any other item that they purchase from me. I will do everything necessary to make that happen.

Why did I get into this business of making Bloomers and decide to have A web site, you might ask yourself??

Well it all started because I wanted Bloomers, Pantaloons, & Knickers for myself that were cute. (Not that others are not, mind you) yet reasonably priced....however, I could not find any out there that worked for me, so here I am.

I hope you enjoy all that you see and find something that fits your lifestyle ! !

My Standard Knee length Bloomers are my personal favorite because they are so fashionable, comfortable and colorful! Oh! Don't forget my comfortable Capri Pants!

So come on in , take a look around and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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