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Hello Lisa,
Goods arrived safely this morning. Excellent quality, materials, design and manufacture.

Thank you to Bloomers4U for super service. Keep up the good work. Just what was ordered and they will be kept for best!


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Custom Hand Made Quality Bloomers for all Occasions!

Custom Embroidery Designs

Available on your items ! !

All these designs are small fitting with in a 4X4 area.
The colors can be changed, just ask. I have a huge number of Designs, so if there is something you want but do not see then please ask me
Embroidery Designs

Anyone who asks will get the Logo Embroidered For FREE on the leg of their bloomers !!

This is an Vine with Flowers and done in Light and dark blue... can be: Red/Pink, Yellow/Orange, Purple/Lavender.
Price $ 5.00
This is a L shaped Floral.
The Flowers are Red and Pink with Green Leaves. Other Color suggestions for the Flowers: Purple and Lavender, Dark and Light Blue, and Yellow and Orange.
Price $ 5.00
Fun Balloons, These can be any color you like, just ask...
Price $10.00
Heart Made of Ribbon, this is done in Red/Pink with Blue Flowers, this can be done in other colors... Just Ask..
Price $ 10.00
A lovely Victorian Umbrella
Price $ 10.00
Ribbon and Flowers, again the colors can be changed...
Price $ 10.00

These are Ballet Slippers are very cute!
They are done with Dark and Light Pink. Other Suggestions: Red/Pink, Dark and Light Blue, Yellow/Orange, Purple/Lavender.
Price $ 15.00

Teal Butterfly, can be done in other colors!
Price $ 15.00
Yellow Butterfly, can be done in other colors.
Price $ 15.00
Violet Butterfly, can be done in other colors.
Price $ 15.00
VintageGirl1, This is so cute on a pair of bloomers! !
Price $ 15.00

Heart with Flowers is nice, some colors can be changed...
Price $ 15.00


A wonderful Floral Buch tied with a Ribbon
PRice $ 15.00
Victorian Shoe with Flowers, Vice nice on a pair of Bloomers ! !
Price $ 15.00
Flowers with a Ribbon The Ribbon is Bark and Light Blue, Can be changed, the Flowers are Purple and Lavender and can be changed to: Dark and Light Pink, Yellow/Orange.
Price $ 15.00
What a cute Panda bear ! !
Price $ 15.00
I will be adding new Designs often, Please check back !

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