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Custom Hand Made Quality Bloomers for all Occasions!

Knickers and old-fashioned Pants Knicker Options and Pricing

Purple Knickers are worn as Underwear or as Lingerie
Purple Knickers

These are just like the Bloomers above except they have no elastic on the cuffs.

For those of you who dislike elastic on their legs, these Knickers are the alternative. They are knee length or a little longer and trimmed with lace.

If one's thighs tend to rub together, Knickers and Bloomers are an easy way to bring relief.

For fall and Winter wear, these are best made in Flannel for warmth. In spring and early summer, Muslin is comfortable.

See order page for sizing information

These can be made in any of the styles I have.

Now Offering period like SPLIT CROTCH BLOOMERS ! !

Please go to the Knickers section of the Store and click on the Knickers link to see all sizing, styles, pricing and all the many other options that are now available or Click below.


Standard Size:

Gift Certificates are Here

Note! Child / Infant Sizing

The pricing for child item(s) are for babies and todlers, normally up to age 18 months. If a child's measurments fall under the adult sizing .........the price will be the adult price for the item(s). Please call me if you have any questions.

If you need assistance please e-mail me:
The New Online Store has places for the all the Information I need PLUS many more Options to dress up your bloomers ! !

Please click on the Store Link to Order.

All my items are available for children!
We also offer Maternity and PLUS SIZES !

The Standard prices are good for the following fabrics:

Muslin -(white or Natural)

Poly/Cotton Solids-White, Black, Red, Pink, Blue
( Contact me for other colors )

Assorted Florals and other on hand fabrics (Contact me for availablity and colors)

** There are many ways to accent and detail any item.........if you are interested just let me know .......>>>>>>:-))

The above style is offered in any fabric you want, Velet, Flannel and Fleece etc.
Pricing May Vary Depending Upon Fabric. Please Call for a Price Quote.

Each order needs to include the following info:


Waist, Hips, Waist 2 Crotch, Crotch to Knee or Ankle


Type and Color, Lace Options and Ribbon Bow accent color.

All non-standard fabrics and colors may be an additional fee. (Contact me)

If this information is not included with your order, it will delay the order processing.

Please Include a phone number for shipping purposes and let me know if you need any help.


I CAN DO IT .................




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